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New Program Information

Written by SODEP Friday, 5 March 2020
1. Social Development Path, Nepal (SODEP) is implementing the Total sanitation Program in 10 wards of Mahottari district.
2. SODEP has been launched “Promoting Sustainable Livelihood project” in Dhanusha-govindpur, Dhanusha
3. SODEP is implementing “Literate Nepal Campaign” in Three VDCs in Dhanusha
4. SODEP has launched child development through Sports and Essay competition program
The main objective of the Project is “to help in the efforts to promote organic green vegetable farming in order to improve soil productivity,
and increase farmers’ income.”
The specific objectives of the Project are to:
Objective 1: Promote effective use of locally available organic resources to promote organic farming
Objective 2: Build capacities of the smallholders farmers on Integrated Pest Management
Objective 3: Establish and strengthen producers cooperative for marketing of agro produce


Education is the key to long term development of a society and nation. Hence, SODEP puts emphasis on educational development and empowerment of people through rights to education. It focuses on both formal and non-formal education and blends many awareness raising activities through functional literacy strategy. Many of the Dalits, indigenous people, women and deprived communities are lagging behind in education and hence this is one of the major programmatic areas.

Advocacy and Campaigning
As rights based organization, SODEP envisions rights to every individual and segment of society. Due to its priority on the Dalits, Madhesis, indigenous groups and women, advocacy and campaigning is major thematic area where several campaigns are organized. Further, there is weak enforcement of the existing laws and policies. People raise their concerns and voices on their sufferings and deprivation through various means. As a result, the stakeholders become accountable towards fulfilling their duties and responsibilities which result into enjoyment of their various rights.

Food Security
Many Nepalese still live under poverty line. This is further worse among Dalits, marginalized groups and women. Poverty is a long term outcomes of state’s policy, program and existing discriminatory practices in the society. Hence, SODEP not only puts priority on income generating programs but also emphasize rights to food approach which focuses on raising voices and concerns over various discriminatory polices and practices at various level.

Capacity Building
This is an overarching strategy and programmatic area which focuses on the capacity building of the staff, volunteers and community people through various means. Without empowered and skilled people, there would not be sustainable impact of the project. Hence, capacity building gets immense importance and is seen as means rather than end of the project.

Current Projects

S. N.

Name of the Project

Project VDCs/Districts


Funding Partner

1 Water Supply and Sanitation program 10 VDCs of Dhanusha district Feb. 2000- Ongoing Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Fund Development Board (RWSSFDB), Kathmandu
2 Promoting Sustainable Livelihood Project Dhanusha-Govindpur VDCs of Dhanusha district April 2014- Ongoing UNDP/GEF Small Grant Program , Kathmandu
3 Child Development Centre 2 VDCs of Dhanusha district Jan. 2002- Ongoing District Education Office (DEO), Dhanusha
4 Poverty Alleviation Program 4 VDCs of Mahottari district Feb. 2006- Ongoing Poverty Alleviation
Fund (PAF),Kathmandu
5 Poverty Alleviation Program 4 VDCs of Dhanusha district July 2010- Ongoing Poverty Alleviation Fund (PAF),Kathmandu.
6 Open Defecation free  campaign Program 10 VDCs of Dhanusha district May 2014-ongoing GSF/UN-HABITAT
7 Literacy Nepal Campaign Program 3 VDCs in Dhanusha district April 2015-ongoing District Education Office, Dhanusha
8 Child Development through Sports and Essay Competition Janakpur Sub-Metropolitan, Dhanusha June 2015-ongoing Janakpur Sub-Metropolitan Office


Past projects

S. N. Name of the Project Project Districts Duration Funding Partner
1 Non-formal Education program Dhanusha March 1997- Aug. 1997 District Education Office, Dhanusha
2 Non-formal Education Dhanusha Feb. 1997- Jan. 1998 PACT Nepal
3 Dug-well Construction Dhanusha March 1997- Dec. 1997 District Water Supply Office, Dhanusha.
4 Goat farming income Generation program Dhanusha Jan. 1997- Dec. 1997 Social Welfare Council, Kathmandu
5 Development Program for Poor Community Dhanusha Jan. 1997-June 1998 CARITAS, Nepal
6 Drinking Water, Sanitation and Income Generation project Dhanusha Dec. 1997-Dec. 1998 Canadian Cooperation Office(CCO/CIDA), Kathmandu
7 Sweater
Dhanusha March 1999- Dec. 1999 Ministry for Women, Children and Social Welfare, Kathmandu
8 Parenting Education program Dhanusha Nov. 2000-Feb. 2001 UNICEF, Kathmandu
9 Women Empowerment program Dhanusha March 1998- Feb. 2000 PACT and the Asia Foundation, Kathmandu
10 Empowerment of Musahar Community project Dhanusha June 2000- Aug. 2002 Canadian Cooperation Office(CCO/CIDA), Kathmandu
11 Dalit Community Development Strengthening project Dhanusha March 2003- March 2005 Canadian Cooperation Office (CCO/CIDA), Kathmandu
12 Empowerment and Mobilization of Local Civil Society for Sustainable Peace project Mahottari May 2003- May 2005 National Development Network, Kathmandu
13 Female Child Education Scholarship program Dhanusha April 2003 – Dec. 2009 SUUKH Foundation, Kathmandu
14 Community
Ground Water
Irrigation sector project
Dhanusha Feb. 2003- Jan. 2004 CGISP/CECI, Kathmandu
15 Emergency Humanitarian Support for Flood Victims program Dhanusha July 2004- Nov. 2004 Canadian Cooperation Office (CCO/CIDA), Kathmandu
16 Emergency Relief for Flood Victims program Dhanusha July 2004- Oct. 2004 Action aid Nepal, Kathmandu
17 Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation program Dhanusha July 2007- Dec. 2007 Austcare, Australia, Kathmandu
18 Dalit Empowerment Campaign project Dhanusha March 2006- Dec. 2008 Danida HUGOU, Kathmandu
19 Local Economic Development for Peace Building project Dhanusha Nov. 2008 to Dec. 2009 ILO, Kathmandu
20 Capacity Building and Institutional Strengthening Project Dhanusha Aug. 2008 – March 2009 Canadian Cooperation Office (CCO/CIDA) kathmandu
21 Democracy Dialogue for Civic Education project Dhanusha and Siraha districts Jan. 2010 to Nov. 2010 Support for Participatory Constitution Building, Nepal (SPCBN/UNDP)
22 Community Empowerment for Inclusion of Excluded Groups project Dhanusha, Mahottari, Saralahi, Rautahat, Bara and Parsa districts July 2010 to Dec. 2011 RDIF (Rights, Democracy, Inclusion Fund)/ESP
23 Constituent Assembly monitoring through media mobilization project Dhanusha, Siraha and Saptari districts Sept. 2011- Dec. 2011 SPCBN/UNDP, Kathmandu
24 Water Supply and Sanitation program Bajura and Jajarkot districts March 2007- Dec. 2011 Community-based
Water Supplies
Sanitation Project
25 Local Governance and Community Development project 4 VDCs of Dhanusha district July 2010 -July 2013 Local Governance and Community Development program (LGCDP)/DDC Dhanusha