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What We Do


SODEP basically works on rights based issues with activities mainly comprising of the following activities towards achieving its objectives:

1. Group organization and Social Mobilization for empowerment.
2. Developing and promoting rural hygiene and sanitation. Emphasizes on potable drinking water supply to the poor and vulnerable community and pit latrine construction the in the rural areas and toilets construction in the community schools.
3. Render Health Education and raise Awareness.
4. Promote Micro-enterprises and Savings and Credit scheme towards generating capital fund for the rural poor.
5. Render Non-formal Education on REFLECT based approach.
6. Promote Child Development Centers and Parenting Education.
7. Organize and render Skill Development Training.
8. Organize and render Capacity Building Training.
9. Promote Income Generation activities.
10. Construct physical infrastructure program.
11. Establishing and Strengthening Co-operative Organizations.
12. Render Legal Education for Rural Women and others.
13. Provide opportunities for Exposure Visits.
14. Provide Female Child Education Scholarship Program
15. Execute Food Security programs (Campaign, Capacity building, Media/Advocacy, Research, Physical Services)
16. Working on Women Rights protection and empowerment (Campaign, Capacity building, Media/Advocacy, Research, Physical Services)
17. Educate /facilitate for Social Identity (Citizenship Right) Campaign
18. Launch Anti-Tobacco Movement and promote smoke free environment
19. Organize and establish Community for Human Development
20. Launch Dalit and Excluded groups right-based and issues based Campaign
21. Protection and promotion of Child rights activities
22. Promotion and preservation of Human rights and Good - Governance, social inclusion program
23. Plan and Execute Poverty Alleviation program
24. Execute Disaster Management and Flood Control programme
25. Promote Local Economic Development Promotion Services for Rural Employment Generation
26. Local Governance, Community Development and Social Accountability program
27. Support for Participatory Constitution building in Nepal
28. Public campaigns seeking their rights to public development initiatives and budget transparency
29. Social Audit and Public Hearing program
30. VDCs Profile Preparation
31. Livestock Development program
32. Conflict Management and Peace building
33. Sustainable Livelihood Project
34. Open Defecation Free campaign Program
35. Literacy Nepal Campaign Program
36. Campaign for Social Accountability Program
37. Nepal Flood Recovery Program
38. Post Open Defecation Free Campaign Program
39. Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Preparedness
40. Organic Farming
41. Hygiene Promotion Activities
42. Disability Friendly Model Infrastructural Development
43. Cooperative led Micro-enterprise Development
44. Community led Action for Governance and Justice
45. Water Supply and Sanitation